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About Our Houston Irrigation Contractors

Jake, one of our Houston irrigation contractors is aligning a sprinkler headOur specialty lies in making sure that the appearance and care of your lawn makes a good lasting impression on passersby. So whether you work out of your home, frequently entertain visitors, or just like having a lawn you can roll around in with your family and kids, make our Houston irrigation contractors your all around irrigation services provider. We offer reliable services to businesses and homes of all shapes and sizes.

Safety, Price, and Quality are Our Expertise

With every project, we take the highest level of care to ensure that all irrigation components are properly installed and fully functioning before closing the deal. We test out every repair we perform and make sure that you are highly satisfied with our work. Something as careless as a sprinkler head not fastened correctly can lead to leaks, causing a soggy and poorly-draining lawn that requires hundreds of dollars to repair. That's why we never leave a job without making sure we've cleaned up our mess so you don't have to later.

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There's Not a Thing We Won't Do for Your Lawn

let our pros show you how you can save water and moneyWater conservation is important regardless of where you live these days – not just to help protect the environment, but to help protect your wallet as well. We can help you choose and install timers and drip irrigation lines that ensure a drop of water never gets wasted. Drip irrigation lines ensure that water goes right to the roots of trees and plants, giving water where it is needed most and preventing wasteful evaporation and runoff. We can also install rain and freeze sensors that stop your system from automatically watering during stormy weather. You can't go wrong!